Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pickering Neighbourhoods - Whitevale

Whitevale is steeped in a surprising amount of history for a community of its size. Formerly known as Majorville, it was settled in the 1820s. Truman P. White moved to Majorville around 1845, and began expanding the town in 1855, eventually building a gristmill, a cooperage, a planing factory, a mill, and a new school. It was in acknowledgement of T.P. White's contributions that the town changed its name to Whitevale. The town continued to experience tremendous growth including multiple factories and lodges until a railway line bypassed Whitevale. Around the same time, the town's poor luck with fires and flooding began. Many of the original buildings were gutted or destroyed by fire between 1874 and 1961, while the original Whitevale Bridge was washed out by a flood in 1929, and the approaches to the bridge were washed out by Hurricane Hazel in 1954.

As for the present and future of the town, Whitevale is a wonderful community in which to live. Duffins Creek has abundant opportunities for fishing, while the Seaton Hiking Trail offers some lovely scenery. The community hosts a variety of annual events year-round, from the Whitevale Christmas Craft Show or the Whitevale Winter Blah's Festival to the Fisherman's Breakfast or Whitevale Church's annual Corn Roast. With all of this and more to offer, stop by Whitevale today or contact us to learn more about finding a home for sale in the area!